Seek to Explore and Discover ‘More’ About Our Creator

God has communicated to us, not only about history and the cosmos, but about Himself.   

As people who believe in God as Creator, we should strive to avoid the mistake of saying that because God has communicated truly concerning creation, all scientific study is wasted. This is a false deduction. To say that God communicates truly does not mean that God communicates exhaustively. 

Even in our human relationships we never have exhaustive communication, though what we do have may be true. 

Thus, as far as our position in the universe is concerned, though the infinite God has said true things concerning the whole of what He has made, our knowledge is not thereby meant to be static. 

Created in His image, we are rational and, as such, we are able to, and intended to, explore and discover further truth concerning creation. God says, in effect, “Learn of the truth that I have made in the external world.” 

Finite man in the external universe, being finite, has no sufficient reference point if he begins absolutely and autonomously from himself; thus, he needs certain knowledge. God gives us this in the Scriptures. With this in mind the scientist can understand, in their ultimate relationships, the truths that he is looking at. 

Thus scientific study in itself can be to the glory of God, for here man is functioning properly in the universe in which God has placed him. He is telling us what is truly there, and he is adding to the store of knowledge of his fellowmen. 

Thoughts developed and/or taken from the works of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, Trilogy – The God Who Is There 

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