We Are Unique

The historic Christian answer concerning verifiable facts and knowing depends on who God is, on who is there. The God who is there according to the Scriptures is the personal-infinite God. There is no other god like this God.  

It is ridiculous to say that all religions teach the same things when they disagree at the fundamental point as to what God is like. The gods of the East are infinite by definition — the definition being “god is all that is.” This is the pan-everythingism god (pantheism). The gods of the West have tended to be personal but limited; such were the gods of the Greeks, Romans and Germans.  

But the God of the Bible, Old and New Testaments alike, is the infinite-personal God. It is this God who has created various orders of creation. How then is God’s creation related to Himself and to itself? On the side of God’s infinity there is a break between God and the whole of His creation. I am as separated from God in the area of His being the Creator and infinite, I being the creature and finite, as is the atom or energy particle. I am no closer to God on this side than the machine.  

However, on the side of God’s personality, the break comes between man and the rest of creation. man’s relationship is upward.  On the side of personality, if our relationship is upward, then everything concerning man’s “mannishness” is in place.  

The biblical Christian says that, on the side of personality, man can know God truly, though he cannot know God exhaustively.  

Man as a personality is totally separated from the other created things. Man’s only relation to creation is in the areas of Being and creaturehood. However, in the area of personality man’s relationship is upward to God, and therefore the incarnation and death of the Son of God for the sake of man’s salvation are sensible. 

The reasonableness of the incarnation, and the reasonableness of communication between God and man, turn on this point — that man, as man, is created in the image of God. 

Thoughts developed and/or taken from the works of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, Trilogy – The God Who Is There 

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