Light and Ideas

Darkness is the absence of light.  Light is illumination.  Light amplifies and clarifies.  Light penetrates.

The most common dictionary definition of ‘idea‘ is:  any conception existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness, or activity. 

Our ideas related to any subject make-up our knowledge base of that subject.   Our ideas form our belief system about why, what, and how, all things are.   We have more or less ideas about subject matter related to the sum of our knowledge base.   Ideas reside in our acquired pool of information that has come to us through learning and experience.   In the total realm of what can be known to us, there are true and false ideas.  It is my bias that we must be seekers of the highest truth so that the ideas that are formed in us serve to help us achieve the highest manifestation of our design and purpose as creatures of a Divine Creator.  I believe we were designed with purpose and intention.  I believe that we must seek the highest level of light in order to penetrate the darkness of false ideas.  I believe that the light of truth provides the most complete sense of peace and joy and fulfillment in living life.

The purpose of this blog is to bring ideas of light into our areas of void, our areas where there are false or confusing ideas ‘so that’ we may discover the ultimate purpose for which we are made and learn to live our life more aligned to that design and purpose.