The purpose of the blog is to provide light and illumination to our ideas that drive our conceptions.   I hold the view that God is the Creator of ‘all’ and that He designed us with intention and purpose ‘so that’ we can know Him at a deep and intimate level and such ‘knowing’ is the purpose of our being.

My name is Don Hester.  I live in Indiana.  My vocation of 43 years has been in health care operations as a senior operations officer for a privately held company.   My passion in life has been in the journey to understand how we as human beings can implement the purpose of our existence.   I believe this purpose is to enter into a personal relationship with God ‘so that’ we can experience the fullness of God’s design for the God/man relationship to fulfill God’s intention for us to ‘enjoy’ Him and live with Him forever.  I believe that such relationship begins now and carries us into that next eternal level.

In my journey, within my own life experience, I am keenly aware that there is some principle or force in nature, some order of darkness, that works externally and internally to interfere with my desire and ability to know God.  This principle seeks to keep me from maximizing my potential as to a relationship with God within God’s purpose and design.  So it is through my journey, from what I have learned through both progress and failure, that I share what I have learned and continue to learn ‘so that’ you may see the principles of truth and ‘light’ that will help you to navigate with more clarity into the fullness and absolute joy in a personal relationship with God.

My greatest earthly joy is Jean Marie Browning Hester.  Here we celebrate our 30th anniversary of marriage kayaking next to Lamplugh Glacier in Alaska… with God showing-off His creative power and wonder in the back-ground.  He does that you know…every day…you wake up to new morning sunrise and if you will stop one second and look and listen…He is there…showing-off for you..all to draw you to Himself ‘so that’ you can enjoy Him forever.