Daily Light – Dec 29, 2020

The ABC’s of it…  (from dh)

As I enter what must surely be the last quarter of my life (now age 72 🙂), I find my heart’s desire is to increasingly help people find the truth about the meaning and purpose of life and living.   Today, more than ever, people are lost and groping in the vast space of darkness and deception coming from the many prevailing world views related to purpose and existence of life and being.  More than ever people seek truth and light and answers to their questions about ‘existence’ and ‘being’ and ‘why we are here and is there purpose to life’.  

And the most basic and important questions of all, for all, are: 

Is all of life and the universe impersonal.. 

If there a God, a Creator.. 

Does He have a purpose and design for all things..

Is He personal or impersonal..

Can He be known..

Can ‘I’ know Him..

How do I integrate my life with his purpose and design..

If we (you and me) say that our worldview is Christianity, does our view hold answers to the real questions?  How do we present our worldview to the people around us?  Does our worldview hold-up to absolute truth?  Do we really hold-to, understand, and embrace the Christian world view about existence, purpose, and design in how we live?  What do we believe about God, truly believe?  And why? 

I am hoping that in 2021…we can, together, explore the purpose and meaning of ‘being’…why are we here…does it matter.  Our objective is to know truth ‘so that’ we can present clearer light and truth to others ‘so that’ they may come to know the reason for their being and existence and life.  That they may have a ‘sure hope’ for their belief.  

So, hopefully, we will bend some of the subject matter of posts, writings, and material in Daily Light and Let There Be Light in this direction.

No God    No Peace

Know God   Know Peace

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