Daily Light – Mar 2, 2018

Your daily goal:
Philippians 3:14  “press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”   
(Monday-Friday, from my morning quiet time, I will write a short thought for that day which I pray God will use to motivate you to ‘GO’ for that day.  Your objective is simple…to GO…to GO OUT and share the love of Christ with someone in that day….to GO and bear fruit …to be light to the world.)
Today’s Daily Light
Continuing….taking from
The Search For Significance, by Robert McGee   (The Light Comes On, Chapter 1)
In the Scriptures, God supplies the essentials for discovering our true significance and worth.  The first two chapters of Genesis recount man’s creation, revealing man’s intended purpose (to honor God) and man’s value (that he is a special creation of God).  John 10:10 also reminds us of how much God treasures His creation, in that Christ came ‘so that’ man might experience abundant life (life to the full). 
However, as Christians, we need to realize that this ‘full’ life is lived in a real world filled with pain, rejection, and failure.  therefore, experiencing the ‘full’ life God intends for us does not mean that our lives will be problem-free.  On the contrary, life itself is a series of problems that often act as obstacles to our search for significance, and the ‘full’ life is the experience of God’s love, forgiveness, an power in the midst of these problems. 
The Scriptures warn us that we live within a warfare that can destroy our faith, lower our self esteem, and lead us into depression.  In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul instructs us to put on the armor of God ‘so that’ we can be equipped for spiritual battle.  However, it often seems that unsuspecting believers are the last to know this battle is occurring, and they don’t know that Christ has ultimately won the war.  They are surprised and confused by difficulties, thinking that the Christian life is a playground, not a battlefield. 
As Christians, our fulfillment in this life depends not on our skills to avoid life’s problems but on our ability to apply God’s specific solutions to those problems.  An accurate understanding of God’s truth is the first step toward discovering our significance and worth. 
Unfortunately, many of us have been exposed to inadequate teaching from both religious and secular sources concerning our self-worth.  As a result, we may have a distorted self-perception and may be experiencing hopelessness rather than the full and meaningful life God intends for us. 
Some secular psychologists focus on self-worth and a goal of simply feeling good about ourselves.  A biblical self-concept, however, goes far beyond that limited perspective.  It is an accurate perception of ourselves, God, and others based on the truths of God’s Word.  An accurate, biblical self concept contains both strength and humility, both sorrow over sin and joy about forgiveness, a deep sense of our need for God’s grace and a deep sense of the reality of God’s grace. 
What a waste to attempt to change behavior without truly understanding the driving needs that cause such behavior!  Yet millions of people spend a lifetime searching for love, acceptance, and success without understanding the need that compels them.  We must understand that this hunger for self-worth is God-given and can only be satisfied by Him.  Our value is not dependent on our ability to earn fickled acceptance of people, but rather, its true source is the love and acceptance of God.  He created us.  He alone knows how to fulfill all of our needs.  (Continued next week 😊)
Father…Thank you that you are always there…always ready to reveal Yourself to us…to reveal Your love to us…to ‘fill us up with You…Your truth.   Help us to see that only ‘in’ you can we live life to the ‘full’.  Give us a hunger for Your Word…for time alone with You in prayer…just talking to you…and listening to You talk to us.   Amen
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