Substantial Healing Of The Whole Person – Part 8 (from fear to trust)

If I refuse my place as the creature before the Creator and do not commit myself to him for his use, this is sin.  And anything else is also, ultimately, misery, and loss of achieving that purpose for which I was created.  How can we enjoy God on any other level than what we are, and in the present situation?  Anything else will bring misery, a torturing of the poor, divided personality we are since the Fall.  To live moment by moment through faith on the basis of the blood of Christ, in the power of God the Holy Spirit is the only really integrated way to live.  This is the only way to be at rest with myself, for only in this way am I not trying to carry what I cannot.  To do otherwise is to throw away my own place of rest, the substantial psychological advance I as a Christian can have in this present life.   

All this is not impersonal.  In it all, I am not just acting ‘as if’ I am rolling my burden on some impersonal something; rather, I am following the invitation of the infinite-personal Creator.  His own invitation is expressed in 1 Peter 5:7 ESVcasting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.  It is not an impersonal thing.  You are simply following God’s own invitation when he says, ‘roll your cares and anxieties upon me, because I care for you.’  It is the very opposite of an impersonal situation.  You are not rolling your care upon an impersonal mathematical formula.  You are rolling your care upon the infinite-personal God.  Jesus says, ‘Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest’. Matthew 11:28 ESV.  This is not only an invitation to the non-Christian to come to Christ, it is a continuing invitation to the Christian as well. He is inviting us to roll these cares not upon someone else, but upon him.  Once I see this, I do not need to be afraid.  We would be less than truthful, I think, if we failed to acknowledge that often we are afraid to offer ourselves for God’s use, for fear of what will come. (I know this has been true in my own heart).  But fear falls to the ground when we see before whom we are standing.  We are standing in a living relationship with a living God, who loves us, and has shown his love for us to such an extent he sent Jesus to die on the cross for ‘us’.  Fear falls, and we have the courage to give ourselves for his use without being afraid, when we see we are not giving ourselves in the teeth of an impersonal situation, or of a world that hates us, or an inhuman world of men.  We are offering ourselves to God who loves us, and he is not a monster, but our heavenly Father.  He will not leave us in the battle as a soldier discards one piece of military equipment for another, casting it into the mud.  God will never deal with us in this way.  He will not use us as a weapon, without care for the weapon itself.  In his hand, not only will be useful in the battle, but even the blows brought upon us in the battle will bring us closer to himself, because he is infinite and personal, and because he loves us.   

Thoughts developed or used directly from the work of Schaeffer, Francis. True Spirituality . Tyndale House Publishers, Inc

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