Freedom From Conscience – Part 8

At present, we are working with the light of truth presented by Dr. Francis Schaeffer from his book True Spirituality where we are discussing the basic considerations of the Christian life, or true Christianity.

I have found it extremely helpful that when a man has accepted Christ as his Savior, he should bow his head and say “Thank you” to the God who is there—“Thank you for the completed work”.  Undoubtedly men have been saved and have gone away not consciously saying ‘Thank you’ but how wonderful it is when a man has seen himself as a sinner, and has understood his lostness, for that man to have accepted Christ as his Savior and then to have bowed his head consciously to say ‘Thank you’ for a work that is absolute and complete.  It is usually when the newly-born one thanks God that the assurance comes, that he comes to rest in certainty and in peace.   

It is the same in restoration.  There is a continuing parallel here.  If we have sinned, it is wonderful consciously to say, “Thank you for a completed work,” after we have brought that specific sin under the finished work of Christ.  While not absolutely necessary for restoration, the conscious giving of thanks brings assurance and peace.  We say ‘Thank you’ for work completed upon the cross, which is sufficient for a completely restored relationship.  This is not on the basis of my emotions, any more than in my justification.  The basis is the finished work of Christ in history and the objective promises of God in the written Word.  If I believe him, and if I believe what he has taught me about the sufficiency of the work of Christ for restoration, I can have assurance, no matter how black the blot has been.  This is the Christian reality of salvation from one’s conscience. 

Thoughts developed or used directly from the work of Schaeffer, Francis. True Spirituality . Tyndale House Publishers, Inc

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