Truly Wonderful

Friends…beginning to come to the end of Trilogy – The God Who Is There, Escape from Reason, and He is There and He is Not Silent… Dr. Francis Schaeffer.

I so appreciate Dr. Schaeffer’s extraordinary ability to provide word and phrase concepts to help us better frame our understanding of the cause, source and reason for existence.   

His way of presenting truth and reality in his own deep and rich way, was, at times, a tad challenging and complex to grasp the fullness of his points, but I learned that if we worked at it, wrestled with it a bit, truly contemplated it, we could capture the essence of his intention.  For example:  The infinite non-created Personal God created the finite Personal creature.  It was not that impersonal nothing through time and chance created something.  The infinite personal God creates you and me in His image…in His ‘likeness’….and gives us the ability to communicate with not only each other in a verbalized way, although not an exhaustive way, so that we can truly know each other…and He/God also gives us His written communication in the form of the Bible in a historic and propositional communication, although it is not exhaustive, but sufficient that it creates the knowledge to tell us who He is, who I am, why I am here, and knowledge that I can ‘know’ He is truly there.    

Amazing to me…and so truly wonderful because I know that I know that He is there and I do know Him.  And ‘that’ is the most important knowledge to me of all things that I truly know.  He is there, and I can truly know Him, and to know that the infinite God truly knows little ole me.     


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