Not A Bad God (Part 3)

Let’s look at the account of Jesus before the tomb of Lazarus.  (It is found in The Gospel of John, Chapter 11). To me, what Jesus did at the tomb of Lazarus sets the world on fire – it becomes a great shout into the morass of the twenty first century.  Jesus came to the tomb of Lazarus, and the Greek language makes it very plain that he had two emotions.  The first was tears for Lazarus, but the second emotion was anger.  He was furious; and he could be furious at the abnormality of death without being furious with Himself as God.  This is tremendous in the context of the twenty first century.  When we look at evil – the cruelty which is abnormal to that which God made – our reaction should be the same.  We are able not only to cry over the evil, but we can be angry at the evil.  We have basis to fight the thing which is abnormal to what God originally made.  The Christian should be in the front line, fighting the results of man’s cruelty, for we know that it is not what God has made.  We are able to be angry at the results of man’s cruelty without being angry at God or being angry at what is normal.   

We can have real morals and moral absolutes, for we know that God is absolutely good.  There is the total exclusion of evil from God.  God’s character is the moral absolute of the universe.  Plato was entirely right when he held that unless you have absolutes, morals do not exist.  But Plato had a dilemma.  Here is the complete answer to Plato’s dilemma; he spent his time trying to find a place to root his absolutes, but he was never able to do so because his gods were not enough.  But for us, we have the infinite-personal God who has a character from which all evil is excluded, and His character is the moral absolute of the universe.  And what is mind-boggling is that ‘this’ infinite-personal, pure and holy God, loves you and me.  He weeps for you and me in our pain and struggle.  And he comes to us in our worst times of being lost and in the dark and he shines His light of life into our hearts and draws us to Himself.  He is a very good God.  😊  

Thoughts developed and/or taken from the works of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, Trilogy – He Is There and He Is Not Silent 

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