Truth That Makes Me Smile

This week we have talked a bit about the philosophic questions and answers in the area of Being and existence, of the fact that God is there.  That is what it is all about:  He is there.  The personal, infinite God of creation is there.

There just is no other sufficient philosophical answer than the one we outlined.  You can search through university philosophy, social-media philosophy, coffee-shop philosophy – it does not matter – there is no other sufficient philosophical answer to existence, to Being, than the one we have outlined.  There is only one philosophy, one religion, that fills this need in all the world’s thought, whether the East, the West, the ancient, the modern, the new, the old.  Only one fills the philosophical need of existence, of Being, and it is the Judeo-Christian God – not just an abstract concept, but rather that this God is really there.  He exists.  There is no other answer, and orthodox Christians need not be ashamed or afraid to present the good news of His existence.  It is the answer, source, meaning, purpose of life…to know this God who is there.  To be in a relationship with Him that lasts for eternity.    

Too often I see Christians only share what they believe from a ‘defensive’ position.  I encourage such dear ones to shift their mindset…reposition their view.   Put a big smile on your face and boldly, yet lovingly, proactively, share the best news that the people on planet earth have ever heard…that God has sent Jesus Christ to draw them into a relationship with Him ‘so that’ they can enjoy Him now and for eternity.  (The truth of that just makes me have a deep smile.)    

Thoughts developed and/or taken from the works of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, Trilogy – He Is There and He Is Not Silent 

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