It’s Personal

This week we are considering the primary philosophic questions and answers related to ‘existence’ …of being.

The third possible answer is to begin with a personal beginning.  This is the very opposite of beginning with the impersonal. And this is our answer, that which is personal began everything else.  In this case man, being personal, does have meaning.   

The dilemma of modern man is simple:  he does not know why man has meaning.  He is lost and searching for meaning and identity.  Not understanding the origin and source of existence means that you cannot accurately come to the true revelation of man’s purpose and intention for meaningful being.  And ‘this’ is the heart of modern man’s problem.  But if we begin with a personal and this is the origin of all else, then the personal does have meaning, and man and his aspirations are not meaningless.  Man’s aspirations to the reality of personality are in line with what was originally there and what has always intrinsically been.   

Personality does have meaning because it is not alienated from what has always been, and what is, and what always will be.  The story in the Bible of a personal God creating man in his image, infusing man with personality, uniqueness, is the most realistic and logical answer to existence.  The answers to existence as stated in the Bible provide not only the answers to existence of bare being and its complexity – but also for man’s being different, with a personality which distinguishes him from non-man.   Purpose, significance, and meaning are only found through being connected to the God who is truly there.  He is the personal God who is love and loves.  He describes His love for us in this way… ‘I love you so much that I have created a way for you to know me and be with me for eternity.  The ‘way’ is through the finished work of my son Jesus Christ .  We keep the light on and the door open 24 hours a day 365 days a year…come home to truth and light and love.’  (My interpretation of John 3:16-21 😊)

Thoughts developed and/or taken from the works of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, Trilogy – He Is There and He Is Not Silent

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