Something and Nothing

Let’s consider the primary philosophic questions and answers related to ‘existence’ …of being.   There are actually few questions related to this area.  The primary question is…’that something is there rather than nothing being there’.  The first basic answer is that everything that exists has come out of absolutely nothing.  In other words, you begin with nothing.  Now, to hold this view, it must be absolutely nothing.  It must be what I call nothing nothing.  It cannot be nothing something or something nothing.  If one is to accept this answer, it must be nothing nothing, which means there must be no energy, no mass, no motion, and no personality.  

A description of nothing nothing runs like this.  Suppose we had a very black blackboard which had never been used.  On this blackboard we drew a circle, and inside that circle there was everything that was – and there was nothing within the circle.  Then we erase the circle.  This is nothing nothing.  It is not really an answer to give an answer beginning with nothing and then really begin with something: energy, mass, motion, or personality.  That would be something, and something is not nothing.   

Following a basic process of logical thinking…it is unthinkable that all that now ‘is’ has come out of utter nothing.   

The God of creation is ‘there’ and He is not silent.  He is not a ‘far-off’ God.  He has manifest himself to us in our awareness of things that exist around us in the natural order and in our awareness of ‘self’.  And He has manifest Himself to us in the person of His God son…Jesus Christ.  We were created ‘in His image’ so that we can know the God who is there. 

Thoughts developed and/or taken from the works of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, Trilogy – He Is There and He Is Not Silent 

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