Good New For The Whole Man

God created man in His image.  Being created in God’s ‘image’ gave man a special status among all things created.  Man as a whole man is body, soul, and spirit.  God made the whole man, and the whole man is important.  The biblical doctrine of the bodily resurrection of the dead is not an old-fashioned thing.  It tells us that God made the whole man, God loves the whole man, and the whole man is important.   

God is interested in the whole man.  When the historic space-time Fall took place, it affected the whole man.  On the basis of Christ’s work as Savior, and having the knowledge that we possess in the revelation of the Scriptures, there is redemption for the whole man.  In the future the whole man will be raised from the dead and will be redeemed perfectly.  ‘That’ is very good news.  And the Apostle Paul in his writing stated that even in this present life we are to have a substantial reality of the redemption of the whole man (Romans 6).  This is to be on the basis of the shed blood of Christ and in the power of God’s Spirit through faith, even though it will not be perfect in this temporary life.  Once we grasp and experience what God provides for us in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we come to know the understanding of Christ as ‘Lord’ over the whole man.…Lord over all of creation…Lord over the world and culture. Christ is the perfect Lord, the perfect King.  How many Lords and Kings have died for you personally and in the act of their dying had the ability to grant you eternal life?  Answer is:  Just One.  His name is Jesus Christ.  He wants you to know Him as Savior, friend, and Lord.  Now and throughout eternity.   That’s the best news you will ever receive in your life.  

Thoughts developed and/or taken from the works of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, Trilogy – Escape From Reason 

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