Personal and Infinite

It is important to notice that everything in the biblical system goes back to God.  I love the biblical system as a system.  While we might not like the connotation of the word system, because it sounds rather cold, this does not mean that the biblical teaching is not a system.  Everything goes back to the beginning, and thus the Christian system has a unique beauty and perfection because everything is under the apex of the system.  Everything begins with the kind of God who is ‘there’.  This is the beginning and apex of the whole, and everything flows from this in a noncontradictory way.  The Bible says God is a living God, and it tells us much about Him; but most significantly perhaps, for 21st century man, it speaks of Him as both a personal God and infinite God.  This is the kind of God who is ‘there,’ who exists.  Furthermore, this is the only system, the only religion, that has this kind of God.  The gods of the East are infinite by definition, in the sense that they encompass all – the evil as well as the good – but they are not personal.  The gods of the West were personal, but they were very limited.  The Teutonic, the Roman and Greek gods were all the same – personal but not infinite.  The Christian God, the God of the bible, is personal-infinite. 

The personal-infinite God of the Bible is the Creator of all else.  God created all things, and He created them out of nothing.  Therefore everything else is finite, everything else is the creature.  He alone is the infinite Creator.   

Thoughts developed and/or taken from the works of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, Trilogy – Escape From Reason 

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