Truth That Is Enough

The ’Scriptures’ (the Bible..the Word of God) give the key to two kinds of knowledge – the knowledge of God, and the knowledge of men and nature.   In the Scriptures God reveals His attributes to man and that this revelation was meaningful to God as well as to man.  God has spoken to man in the Scriptures and therefore we know something truly about God, because God has revealed it to man. 

It is important to remember, in the contemporary interest in communication and in language study, the Scripture as given to us is not presented as exhaustive truth.  What we have in the bible we term as ‘true truth’.  In this way we know true truth about God, true truth about man, and something truly about nature.  Thus on the basis of the Scriptures, while we do not have exhaustive knowledge, we have true and unified knowledge.   

We thus know something wonderful about man. Among other things, we know his origin and who he is – he is made in the image of God.  Man is wonderful because God made him in His image.  Man has his unique position in the order of nature and his special value because of who he is by creation.  This is what the Scriptures teach us. 

Thoughts developed and/or taken from the works of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, Trilogy – Escape From Reason 

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