Systematic Purpose

Christianity is a creation-centered teaching.  If viewed in its totality, it provides full reality and purpose of existence.  Christianity, or the Christian life, is a part of a total structure.  We like to speak of Christianity as system but it must not be allowed to be a mere academic system or theoretical or dead intellectualism.  In the proper sense of the word, God is systematic in His creation and revelation

It is a system in that sense, it begins with the fact that there is a creator, there is the God, the triune God who has existed forever.  He has created all things, so there is nothing autonomous from Him.  We were made to know Him and to have a relationship with him ‘now’ that continues into eternity.  It is a beginning to non-ending relationship.  It is the essence of the Creator-creature relationship.  We were created in His image by Him and for Him.  We are image bearers of the Creator.  We were designed, wired, made to know the God who is true…to know full truth of reality and existence…our purpose and identity is to know Him and to worship Him and to live ‘in’ Him, to move and have our being ‘in’ Him.  😊

Thoughts developed and/or taken from the works of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, Trilogy – The God Who Is There

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