Faith That Is Real

‘Faith’ is needed to become a Christian, but there are two concepts concerning faith.  The two ideas of faith run like this: One idea of faith would be a blind leap in the dark.  A blind leap in which you believe something with no reason (or no adequate reason), you just believe it.  This is what I mean by a blind leap of faith.  The other idea of faith, which has no relationship with this, none whatsoever, is that you are asked to believe something and bow before that something on the basis of good and adequate reasons.  There is no relationship between those two concepts of faith.   

The biblical concept of faith is very much the second and not the first.  You are not asked to believe in a blind leap of faith.  The Bible teaches that there are good and sufficient reasons to know that these things are true.  If you examine the ministry of the Apostle Paul and also of Christ, you find they endlessly answered questions.  There was no concept here of ‘Keep quiet, just believe”; it just does not exist.  Paul answered the questions of the Jews, he answered the questions of the non-Jews, he was always answering questions; and the book of Romans certainly answered the questions of those without the Bible as well as of those with it.  

There are good and sufficient reasons to know that these things are true.  We have already dealt with the fact of reality and everybody having to deal with reality: (1) the existence of the universe and its form; (2) the distinctiveness of man (you); and (3) you can relate these to a third thing, and that is the examination of the historicity of Scripture.   

Thoughts developed and/or taken from the works of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, Trilogy – The God Who Is There 

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