An Answer To Lostness

‘Lostness’ is answered by the existence of a Creator.  Christianity does not begin with ‘accept Christ as Savior.’  Christianity begins with ‘In the beginning God created the heavens (the total cosmos) and the earth.’  That is the answer to the twenty first-century and its lostness.  When a person can understand that there ‘is’ a God who is Creator, then they are ready to hear and understand the ‘second lostness’ (the original cause of all lostness) and God’s solution for lostness which is the death of Christ.   

In summary:  God in His grace has shut us up by the totality of reality to the biblical answers – i.e., there are good, adequate and sufficient reasons to know that the Christian answers are truth – so much so that if we do not bow to those answers, the Bible says we are disobedient and guilty. 

Those who object to the position that there are good, adequate, and sufficient reasons to know with our reason that Christianity is true are left with a probability position at some point.  At some point and in some manner within how they are reasoning and framing the Christian view, they are left with a leap of faith.  This does not say that within such view that they are not Christians, but it means that they in their limited view can, at best, only offer one more probability to twenty first -century relativistic people to who everything is only probability.  They are offering one more leap of faith without reason to a generation that has heard a thousand leaps of faith proposed in regard to the crucial things of human life.  I would repeat that what is left is that Christianity becomes watered-down to the level of a probability.  

Real, truly understood, take-hold-of,  life-changing Christianity begins with one person.  That person is Jesus Christ – Son of God.  He is NOT a probability or a leap of faith!  He is God the Creator’s solution to man’s problem of lostness.  Thus He ‘saves’ us from being lost.  He steps into our lostness and gives us light to see the truth of existence and self.    

Thoughts developed and/or taken from the works of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, Trilogy – The God Who Is There 

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