About Being ‘Lost’

There is no where that people can go that they can escape the things of grace that God has given them in the reality that exists.  The reality of God the Creator is ‘there’ in the existence and reality of the universe and nature and the existence and reality of the uniqueness and specialness of man. And if we love people enough, and we care about them enough, we can usually find ways to talk to them, no matter how deep in their well they are.  That is what I am saying.  It is not that we use a universal formula to reach people, either in evangelism or in apologetics.  

When we say a person is ‘lost’ we usually think of evangelically lost, that he or she is a sinner and needs to accept Christ as Savior.  Being ‘lost’ has nothing to do with how loving and kind someone may be or how brilliant they are.  No.  When we say ‘lost’, we clearly are using it as being ‘lost’ as in separated relationally from their Creator God who is there and who loves them.  But what we must realize is that these people do not know that they are lost in that sense, call it evangelically.  How could they?  They do not believe there is right and wrong, they do not believe there is a God, they do not believe there is an absolute, there is no reason for them to think of themselves as a sinner.  Few believe in guilt anymore.  There is only sickness, or guilt-feelings, or sociological nonconformity.  There is no such thing as true guilt that creates a separation barrier between God and man.  How much meaning does our talking about accepting Christ as Savior have for such a person?  But our whole generation does relate to and have a second sense of being lost which is valid, and that is they are without meaning in the world, without purpose, without morals, without a basis for law, no final principles, no final answers for anything.  They know they are lost in that sense.  All ‘lost’ people naturally think about meaning and purpose of life, about meaning to existence.  When we turn to the Bible, the Bible makes plain that indeed they are lost in both senses – they are lost evangelically; but without God, they are also lost in the modern sense as well. 

Thoughts developed and/or taken from the works of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, Trilogy – The God Who Is There 

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