It’s Easter…What Does It Mean?

What Did the Resurrection of Christ Accomplish? 

Christ accomplished the satisfaction of God’s wrath against our sin.— he accomplished our justification. That propitiation, the satisfaction of God’s wrath, that happened in AD 33, is the greatest, the most-epic event in the history of human life. 

Once for all, when Christ died, he bore our judgment and God’s wrath. Justification happens at the instant we believe that ‘He’ accomplished our perfection.  This free gift of being declared perfect has affect ‘now’ and will be fully realized in the future at the resurrection of our body. 

By his death and resurrection, he made certain that all his people would have absolutely everything we need to glorify God by being eternally happy in him. 

Your ultimate life questions are these:  Have you believed…have you accepted…that Jesus died and was resurrected for you?  Have you asked Jesus Christ to be ‘your’ savior?  Have you placed your trust and faith in Him?  If not, do so on this glorious annual celebration of what He accomplished for us in His death and resurrection. 

He is risen…your eternal salvation has been accomplished in and through Him…believe. accept.  ‘This’ is VERY GOOD News!  😊

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