Faith or Faith

Draw a horizontal line and refer to it as the ‘line of anthropology’.  Below this line is the area of ‘man’. And everything above the line would be true revelation and knowledge of God, the truth of the existence of God. If you place all of the new age ideas related to meaning, cause, and source of existence above the line, at best, all you can come up with is a “philosophic other,” a metaphysical infinite, which is unknown and unknowable.  In the end, such a system can only fall below the line of anthropology. The reason it falls below the line is because it does not value or have experiential knowledge of man being created in the image of God, nor of God revealing Himself truly in the Scriptures.  

The important thing to note is that while for them nothing can be known above the line, yet nevertheless they go on using the word god to create a ‘theistic’ relevance.  Even though they deny and reject the God of the bible who created the natural world and man in his image, their system ends up being its own religious ideology.   

Probably the best way to describe this concept of modern theology is to say that it is faith in faith, rather than faith directed to an object which is actually there.   In Christianity, one places and directs their faith to the person of Jesus Christ who can be known and who is there.

Thoughts developed and/or taken from the works of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, Trilogy – The God Who Is There 

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