Either Right or Wrong

(Antithesis) If a thing is true, the opposite is not true; if a thing is right, the opposite is wrong.   

In the modern era, the word god is often used semantically in a connotation and relationship to universal ‘presence’ or universal ‘essence’ and it has no base or definition.  It is not used in relationship to ‘the God’ of the bible and the true God, Creator of life, who is there.  The use of the word ‘god’ is used by many voices in a ‘mystical’ sense to create a universal reality of a spiritual realm that is ‘out there’ and available to all if we can just open our minds and ‘hear and feel’ and connect to this ‘essence’.  It is a false reality. 

The use of the word ‘god’ to create a theistic sense or universal reality of some cosmic force that is available to all…in itself is meaningless until given content.  The bible gives very clear content to the God who is Creator and who is there.   

Christianity alone provides the objective answer to the modern era’s sense of meaninglessness, that the rebellion of each person against the God who is there has separated them from the God who exists, and thus gives them the true explanation of the position to which they have come. 

Christianity demands antithesis, not as some abstract concept of truth, but in the fact that God exists, and in personal justification. The biblical concept of justification is a total, personal antithesis. Before justification, we were dead in the kingdom of darkness. The Bible says that in the moment that we accept Christ we pass from death to life. This is total antithesis at the level of the individual man. 

Once we begin to slip over into the other methodology, we begin to lose hold on the only universal and absolute which can be known by the whole man, including what is logical and rational in him.   We were created and wired to ‘know’ the God who is there.

Thoughts developed and/or taken from the works of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, Trilogy – The God Who Is There 

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