Abandoning Cause and Source

The modern ideas of secular humanism as to Cause and Source are a direct opposite (antithesis)to the Judeo-Christian view which declares there is a God who is Creator of the external world.  It is a direct opposite to the objective reality of the God who created man in His image and created order in design and purpose and meaning for existence. 

The ideas and language of the modern man do not speak of God as the cause, source, and purpose of life.  The objective reality of the ‘God Who Is There’ is viewed as simply a philosophical notion that is an out dated idea belonging to an out dated system contained to people who need an organized system of religion in order to function and cope.   

There is an increasing embrace of ideas that lead to hopelessness.  That everything is chance. Chance, the nothingness, is not just shut up in a framed picture, but it is the entire structure of life. You are in the chance, in the nothingness All is relative, nothing is sure, nothing is fixed, all is in flux.  

The new message is that ‘we’ the people can have unity and love and world peace without regard or contact with the cause and source of love and peace.  The new language is mixed with ‘theistic’ and spiritual connotations that have religious sound. But they are void of objective truth and they have no answer or explanation for an objective reality as to cause and source of life or meaning and purpose of life.  And such is the new synthesis of ideas of modern man.  

We are seeing an increasing antithesis to the belief in a Creator God Who Is There and who has designed a precise order for meaning and purpose to life.  Modern man is increasingly being told that this incredible external world with all of its complexity and diversity is a chance universe.  And we are being told that ‘man’ with his unique capacity for ‘knowing’, awareness, objective morality, who communicates and verbalizes, that ‘all of this’ arose by chance in a chance universe with only a future of chance ahead of him.   

God as Creator and source and cause of life is the antithesis to the modern ideas that deny Him as source and cause.  We who believe in God and know God must seek to share the truth and light of God , especially in this modern era where relativism is increasing and it seeks to not allow for the possibility of finding any universal and absolute truth that God is cause and source of life.  Francis Schaeffer said “this is the consensus of the cultural environment, and this is that world-spirit which we must reject and into which we must speak.”    

There is a God Who Is There.  We can ‘know’ Him at a deep personal level because He is personal.  He alone is truth and light and love.  He is Cause and Source.  

Thoughts developed and/or taken from the works of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, Trilogy – The God Who Is There 

One thought on “Abandoning Cause and Source

  1. scott jeffries.

    I think it was C.S Lewis who pointed out that if your mind is nothing but the product of accidents,(evolution) then you cannot trust your own thoughts, therefore you cant trust your own thoughts about atheism. It is self refuting. Along that line.. in an evolutionary frame work, if the beginning of your life has no meaning or purpose and the end of your life has no meaning or purpose ( you die you rot). Then the middle of your life has no meaning or purpose either.
    The scientific problems with evolution are astounding. Too bad they are not taught. So grateful to God and his word


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