Seeing The Light

God has created a real, external world. 

It is not an extension of His essence. 

The real, external world exists. 

God has also created man as a real, personal being, and he possesses a distinct and particular “mannishness” from which he can never escape.  

We are designed and wired to ‘know’ an objective and rational experience of the reality of the external world that exists, and/or the “mannishness” that exists. 

We can know this reality precisely because this is how God has made man, in His own image, able to experience the real world and man’s “mannishness.”   We have ‘personality’ because God is personal.  

We are hard-wired to ‘know’ the personal ‘God who Is’.  

Your ultimate life meaning and purpose is to ‘know’ God at the deepest personal level of experience.   

He has revealed Himself to us through the external world that exist.  

He has revealed Himself to us in our ‘internal’ wiring…our sense of ‘knowing’ is hard-wired to give us ‘knowledge’ and relationship with Him.

And He has manifested Himself to all men through the God-man Jesus Christ.    

Thoughts developed from the works of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, Trilogy. 

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