Daily Light – Jan 20, 2021

My Prayer, this morning, January 20, 2021

Heavenly Father….Creator and Sustainer of the universe.  Creator of all life, my Creator, my Father.  I know from reading your book and seeing the work of your hand in my life and the lives of your people, I know that only your way of living life holds the answer for true peace, hope, and love.  There is no other source or supply that can satisfy the human soul to the ‘full’…all other paths and ways only drain the tank to ‘empty’.   I know that you have all power in heaven and earth and have a perfect plan for the outcome of human history within what we mere mortals refer to as ‘time’ and ‘lifetime’.   I know that you control and shape all history…you make nations and you install kings, for good and bad.  I know that your eternal plan is perfect.  I know that it is beyond my human ability to understand the ‘all’ of what your purposes in all things are.  But I know by reading your book and seeing the work of your hand in my life and the lives of those that ‘know’ you…I have absolute assurance that your plan and way leads to peace and eternal life.  I thus do not place my hope in man or what the hands of man can do.  No.  I place my life, my eternal life, my hope, in you.  For me there is no other place of peace, no other refuge, no other source.  You alone are my strong rock, my place of safety.  I thank you that this day in time, in my lifetime, the lifetime of my children, that you are in control and that you are Lord and King.  You alone rule and reign.  I, this day, January 20, 2021, do pray for the new leaders of the United States of America.  I ask that you would draw their hearts and minds to you… and that they will seek your will and way in all things.  I pray that you will heal and forgive us…the people of this land.  We do not deserve your blessing…we have turned against you at so many levels.  I pray for your forgiveness and mercy and I pray your will be done…your kingdom come.   I specifically pray for the poor, the weak, the helpless, the sick, that you will especially have mercy on them and bless them.  Help us who are blessed and have strength show kindness and love to them to bring honor and glory to your great name.  Amen 

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