Daily Light – Christmas 2020

Friends:   Jesus came to live among us not only to reconcile us to God…not only to give us the gift of eternal life…but to give us the means to be transformed into His image.  When we ask ‘Him’ to be our Savior, He comes to live inside us and it is ‘inside’ us, where He makes all of what He is known to us and with our cooperation He begins to reproduce a likeness of Himself into our character and qualities.  I call it the ‘great infusion’.   It is a lifelong process of maturation.  Because of Christmas…His willingness to come to earth and put-on human skin ..we can have new life…we can grow, and change, and mature, into the likeness of Jesus, the Christ, our Savior.  This allows others to see ‘His’ light and love in and through us and it is pleasing to God the Father.   

Today, let Him make you more ‘present’ for those around you.  Let them feel and see ‘Him’ in you.  He is your life. 


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