Daily Light – August 23, 2019

Health or Rottenness

Daily Meditation from David Niednagel:  Pastor and Teacher.  David uses the S.O.A.P. method for his daily morning devotional time.  (Study, Observe, Apply, Pray).

Prov 14:30   A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.   NIV

We all prefer life and health over sickness and misery. This proverb describes a heart at peace – not the common word for peace (Shalom) but a word with the primary meaning of something that has been healed. It also describes a heart that is not healed,-  a heart that wants more, that does not have peace, in fact it brings disease to our very core – a rottenness to our bones. Pain, weakness, stumbling, brokenness – which no one wants.

The proverb says if we have strong desires for “stuff” we may or may not get the stuff, but we will get rottenness – which we don’t want. If we are past the belief that stuff/things will make us happy, and our heart is healed of those desires, we will have life! 

Of course we need some things, but if we are insecure, we think the more we have the more we will be admired and valued in our culture. That is not true. Other people may want our stuff, but they will not necessarily love or respect us, unless we have a good heart. We can recognize some people who brag about their wealth (like president Trump, entertainers, athletes) and see the truth of this proverb and the bankruptcy of their lives. But those of us who have far less money can also have the same disease in us. God made us to love people and use things, but we often love things and use people to get those things.

Lord, I can so easily want more! Something newer. Something cool. Help me desire You more and have more contentment about things. I know the answer to envy is generosity, so help me have a heart that wants to bless others more than consume stuff. Help me live life to the fullest, not by getting, but by having the mind of Christ. Amen

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