Daily Light – March 19, 2019

Conclusion of article: Friends:  In early 2017, I wrote a series called ‘Let There Be Light’.  It was the original work, a short series, that was the catalyst for the Daily Light devotional studies.   Chapter II of that original series was “The Default Program”.   I continue to receive regular feedback from people from all walks of life who tell me that reading The Default Program opened their understanding as to the operation and function of the sin nature that dwells inside all human flesh with its purpose to keep non-believers blinded and separated from the light of God…and to keep believers from growing in their relationship with God and becoming all that God desires for them to be as to bearing much fruit.  People share that the information provided in this series helped them to come to a personal relationship with God and has helped them to grow in their relationship with him.   Thus I want to share Chapter II of the series with you over the next 4 days of Daily Light.  I pray that God will use it to give you freedom and power to experience more of His love and purpose for your life ‘so that’ you can have more light to shine His light out into the darkness of the world around you.   🙂 DH

The Default Program (Chapter II – 3 parts)  by Don Hester

Identifying and Understanding the Default Program  (Chapter II, Part 3 conclusion)

So here we have a catch 22. A catch–22 is a paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules (Wikipediea.org).

The main objective of the sin nature’s default program is to keep believers living in a less-than ‘full’ state. It is to keep the believer blind and deceived and distant from the experience and understanding of Gods design for ‘full.”  It is a default program that provides the ever illusive promise of gratification and satisfaction within a false reality.   It is an alternate reality that is designed to keep the system user from ever realizing or achieving the original designer’s purpose and intention. The default program installs a never ending loop and replay of its basic premise, which in reality is a lie-loop.  The idea of the loop can be likened to a hamster running on a wheel in a cage.  It constantly is moving, but not reaching an intended destination.  The goal of the default program is to keep us content and confined within a false reality so that we can never fully achieve our ultimate God intended destination of ‘full’.  It is a false reality and can never achieve ‘full’ joy, full peace, full love, or full understanding. It uses the same premise that it used with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. (My paraphrase from Genesis account: ‘Surely God did not mean that if you ate this delicious apple that you would die…surely not…what he didn’t want you to know is that if you did eat it..you will be like God.’)  Lies, more lies, and deception are the core tactics that are used by the sin nature.

The catch 22 is we are born with a capacity to realize God’s design for living life to the full, but we do not have the ability to realize or achieve it ‘without’ God’s source and supply. Without God’s light shining into our darkness and illusion, we have no reference or basis for ‘true full’.  Thus from our birth, we are tricked into thinking that quarter-full, or half-full, is true full.   The default program uses every experience we have within our quest to seek satisfaction for our created needs and seeks to create a false definition of ‘full’.  Its mechanism is to keep us busy in seeking ‘full’ satisfaction for our needs but blinding us and preventing us from seeing that ‘full’ can only truly be realized and achieved by entering into a relationship with God for source and supply of all our needs.   We are stuck in a loop of darkness and deception.  The default program mechanism’s primary objective is to keep the light of God’s truth from entering into the darkness and void of the loop of false reality.

The spirit of man was designed to be ‘full’ of God, with God. It can be likened to a pump.  The pump must receive input from one side to produce output on the other side.  The kind and type of what it takes in as input is what it produces of like and kind in output.  The sin nature seeks to be the source and supply for input into our pump.  It works hard to block us from coming to understand that its like and kind supply can never fully fill our spirit and give us ‘full’ joy, peace, love, and understanding.

The most powerful ability of the sin nature is that it works at an invisible level and cloaks its operation under a blindfold of illusion.  It even creates an alternate reality for our mind as to what we define and how we define and determine ‘satisfaction’.   It actually overrides the original designer’s programming and installs its own default program for how we can achieve ultimate satisfaction for all of our desires and needs.  The programming provides distortion, half-truths, lies, dead-ends, road blocks, and detours to steer us away from the pathways of understanding that lead to light and truth.  One of its major tactics is to provide pathways to gratification of our needs.   It provides a false illusion of satisfaction.  Once we taste of the illusion of satisfaction, the default program has the ability to write new code and it imprints the pathway, process, and memory of the illusion of satisfaction into our minds to install a go-to default pathway.  Over time, the effect of the sin nature’s default go-to pathways become a false-natural behavior for us as to what we know and understand or believe about how to fulfill our needs.  Thus we become stuck in the default systems lie-loop.   And the power of the sin nature’s ‘blindfold’ effect over our mind keeps us from seeing that we have been deceived.

The ‘god’ (Satan) of the default program, sits back in the control chair in his dominion of darkness and he laughs at us and delights in our blindness. He watches us run on our wheels in our cages that we build within our illusion of what and how life should operate.  He is thrilled to have us find pleasure and contentment within our false reality of what satisfies us in our pursuit to fill our needs.  He loves that we are ‘comfortable’ and content in our delusion of living life ‘full’ within his prescription for full.  And he is relentless in his objective to insure that the default program is constantly working inside our operating system to keep us comfortable and content at living life less than at ‘full’ as God designed us to live.  He delights in pushing his gotcha-again button on every occasion that his default system steers us back onto the wheel so that we are once again duped by the influence of the default go-to programming.

As ‘believers’, all of us, get stuck in the default programs loop of deception.   We all have our areas of personal struggle.  The sin nature is at war against us.  It jerks us back and forth inside the loop as it provides its half-full doses of joy and happiness and its doses of pain, sorrow, sadness, and failure.  It loves to push the gotcha-again button and cause us to feel the sorrow and guilt of condemnation. It knows when to inject us with some new placebo that gives us a short term dose of joy, love, gratification.   It works in each one of us the same, but differently.   For each, its objective is to create a customized  illusion to create that ‘just-right’ degree of satisfaction and gratification in our pursuit and seeking to fulfill our needs.   Even our blessings, the warmth of our home, our food, our cars, our toys, our pursuits, interest, hobbies…all of these good things…the default system creates a distorted view as to their value to us that is fashioned to appeal to our need for comfort and gratification.

As believers, it is vital that we know that the sin nature’s primary mission is to do everything in its power to keep us from realizing and achieving God’s design and intention for us to be fully functioning. It seeks to damage our internal ability to have faith, to see faith, and to understand how to operate ‘in faith’.  Ultimately it seeks to keep us from glorifying God and achieving his highest and perfect plan for our lives.

There is a war going-on on planet earth.  The bottom line is eternal life and death.   We are in the battle.   There is the side of light and truth, and there is the dark side.   If we are a believer, we are on the side of light and truth.   The rules of war have allowed the dark side to have the ability to interfere with our ability to become a great and powerful warrior on the side of light and truth.  This ability works at an invisible level under a cloak of deception.  It is so powerful that it can keep us from even realizing we are warrior in a battle.   It can keep us from seeing our destiny, our potential, our high calling to engage in battle.  Mostly it seeks to keep us busy, preoccupied, and content and comfortable ‘so that’ we will not come to life in the ‘full‘.  (end) 😊

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