Daily Light – June 18, 2018

Your daily goal:
Philippians 3:14  press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”   
(Monday-Friday, from my morning time of study and reflection, I will share with you what God is teaching me.  I ask you then to join me in each day and pray that God will use our time to draw us to a deeper understanding of His will and His ways.  Our objective is simple…to ‘see’ and ‘know’ the light and love of Christ Jesus..‘so that’ we will GO OUT and share the love of Christ Jesus with someone in that day….to GO and bear fruit …to be light to the world.)
Today’s Daily Light
The Scriptures:  Our Basis Of A Life Of Faith  Part II
Friends:   I copied the 3 paragraphs from last Friday’s DL to reiterate and  continue the context for the theme of the two days to provide extra emphasis to the eternal value of the ‘facts and promises’ God gives us in His Word.  Today we focus on a short list of the ‘promises’ from God’s Word.
We ‘must’ (vital and essential) understand that it is impossible to experience ‘all that we can be in Christ’ unless we are regularly practicing the God designed, God intended, God purposed system and program that He designed for our maturation process:  (that was a mouthful…read it again)…what I am saying is that you won’t grow well and be all you can be related to eternal significance ‘if’ you don’t follow God’s prescription for what to do and how to do it…so here it is:
One continual practice in two related arenas and both of the two are vital/essential:
The one/primary continual practice – spiritual discipline is:  Abiding in Jesus
We do this through:  Time spent in prayer and time spent in the Word/Scripture.  Both are work in the spiritual/mystical dimension as created by God and play-out, or manifest themselves, in the physical realm of behavior and activities in our life.
Today’s focus is ‘the scriptures..which are our basis of a life of faith. (This section continues from The Search for Significance summary thoughts by R. McGee).  The Scriptures are filled with facts and promises from God.  Facts are statements that are already true of us. Promises are statements that we know will be fulfilled because of the trustworthiness of God.  The following is a short list of Facts from God’s Word.
Promises From God’s Word
  • Christ will never leave us (Matthew 28:20; Hebrews 13:5)
  • He will abundantly provide for our needs (Philippians 4:19)
  • We will be in heaven with Him (John 14:1-3)
  • We will reign with Him (2 Timothy 2:12)
  • He will strengthen us (Isaiah 40:29)
  • He will give us His peace (John 14:27)
  • He will accomplish His purposes (1 Thessalonians 5:24)
  • He will enable us to give generously (2 Corinthians 9:6-11)
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