Daily Light – May 2, 2018

Your daily goal:  
Philippians 3:14  press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”   
(Monday-Friday, from my morning time of study and reflection, I will share with you what God is teaching me.  I ask you then to join me in each day and pray that God will use our time to draw us to a deeper understanding of His will and His ways.   Our objective is simple…to ‘see’ and ‘know’ the light and love of Christ Jesus..‘so that’ we will GO OUT and share the love of Christ Jesus with someone in that day….to GO and bear fruit …to be light to the world.)
Today’s Daily Light
Friends:   Some of you have subscribed to a blog site that I have temporarily suspended.   I have recently begun to ‘archive’ Daily Light onto the blog site.   I apologize that you who did subscribe are receiving emails as we update and install all past Daily Light posts into the blog site archives.   I have removed all  subscribers off of that site ‘so that’ you will not have to receive the stream of updates via email.   It will take a month or so (late night work) to install the 300+ Daily Light posts to-date onto the blog site.   When it is up-to-date and all of the Daily Light posts are archived…I will let you know ‘in case’ you wish to re-subscribe.   You will continue to receive Daily Light via the morning emails without interruption.  
Continuing…The Search for Significance…by R. McGee
New Chapter and Theme… “Guilt Versus Conviction”
There is no burden that produces pain, fear, and alienation quite like the feeling of guilt.  Many of us know it as a constant burden.  Some of us respond to it like a whipped puppy, beaten down and ashamed.  Some of us avoid it through the numbing effects of denial.  Our association with guilt may be prompted by many factors:  poor parental modeling of Christ’s love and forgiveness, divorce, neglect, a particular past sin, and the emphasis some believers place on the ‘oughts’ and ‘shoulds’ of Christianity.   
In Romans 8:1, Paul tells us “There is therefore ‘now’ no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”  When I shared this important truth with a troubled Christian brother, his jaw dropped and his eyes filled with tears.  He looked at me incredulously and exclaimed, “You mean, all this guilt I have been carrying for so long is unnecessary?  I can be free from these tormenting feelings of condemnation?  Why hasn’t somebody told me this before?”  
The apostle Paul has been trying to tell us just that for centuries, but few of us have listened.  We feel we deserve condemnation, and we fail to realize that Christ has freed us from the guilt and condemnation our sins deserve. 
Perhaps no emotion is more destructive than guilt.  It causes a loss of self-respect.  It causes the human spirit to wither, and it eats away at our personal significance.  Guilt is a strong motivation, but it plays on our fears of failure and rejections; therefore, it can never ultimately build, encourage, or inspire us in our desire to live for Christ.  (con’t tomorrow 😊)
Father…I pray today for those today who are suffering unnecessarily under a burden of guilt.  I pray that they may experience the tenderness of Jesus through His gift of forgiveness as they repent.  Help them to feel set-free from guilt and condemnation.  I pray that you will renew and restore them to spiritual health and blessing.   Amen

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