Daily Light – May 10, 2018

Your daily goal:
Philippians 3:14  press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”   
(Monday-Friday, from my morning time of study and reflection, I will share with you what God is teaching me.  I ask you then to join me in each day and pray that God will use our time to draw us to a deeper understanding of His will and His ways.   Our objective is simple…to ‘see’ and ‘know’ the light and love of Christ Jesus..‘so that’ we will GO OUT and share the love of Christ Jesus with someone in that day….to GO and bear fruit …to be light to the world.)
Today’s Daily Light
Continuing… The Search For Significance… (only a few more days with SFS 😊)
The Trip ‘In’   (moving from old self to new self…which is becoming all we can be ‘in’ Christ…which is, implementing the purpose of our creation…which is where we come to say.. “This is what I was made for…living and walking by faith ‘in’ Christ…living life with eternity in our focus and mind.”)
Properly Evaluating Yourself and Others
“For in the way you judge, you will be judged and by your standard measure, it will be measured to you”  (Matthew 7:21)
From this passage of Scripture and from what we know about ourselves, we can draw the following conclusions and applications:   
We use the same methods for judging others that we use to judge ourselves – (This is a profound statement…think on it). 
Though some of us are more reflective than others, all of us spend a great deal of time evaluating our performance.
We have a choice.  We can use the same method we have always used to evaluate ourselves and others (Self-Worth = Performance + Others’ Opinions), or we can adopt God’s judgment (Self-Worth = God’s Truth about Us).
If we want our lives to be what God has designed them to bethen we must use His truth (rather than our own opinions) as our standard of evaluation.
To accomplish this change in our minds, we need to apply the following action points:
(a).  When we see another person (especially if this person has offended us in some way), we should think and, if possible, state verbally, “This person has great worth apart from his performance because Christ gave His life for him and therefore imparted great value to him.  If this person has accepted Christ, he is deeply loved, fully pleasing, completely forgiven, totally accepted, and complete in Christ.”
(b).  We can tell those in our families who are Christians, “You are deeply loved, completely forgiven, fully pleasing, totally accepted, and complete in Christ.”
As you do this, you will automatically begin to use the same system of evaluation on yourself and thereby reinforce these truths as the basis of your own self-worth.
You can apply this exercise both in your own life and in your family members’ lives after failures.  Affirmation of love and acceptance can be powerful in shaping a healthy self-concept.  (con’t tomorrow).
Friends…I encourage you to obtain a copy of McGee’s book.   I read a lot.  Always have.  I have searched for someone to capture and give precise expression to key, vital, and critical God-created principles, understandings, to ‘open’ the understanding of key and core theological truths from the Word….that I here-to-fore was always seeking to find the God intended depth in understanding.   But I feel like I have found this ‘light’ of understanding through the work that McGee has provided.   And in this process of going through this book with you…no one is changing and growing more than I am…(although I hope all of you are changing and growing along with me)…and thus I pray.. “Father…Your ways and will are beyond our total ability to understand all of them…but I am thankful that you chose to give us sufficient light and love through your written Word..and I thank You that you also installed Your Holy Spirit inside us to be our internal teacher and guide.   You gave us more than enough to seek You and find You and have light to walk this journey through this life.”  Amen
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