Daily Light – Mar 27, 2018

Your daily goal:
Philippians 3:14  “press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”   
(Monday-Friday, from my daily study time, I will write a short thought for that day which I pray God will use to motivate you to ‘GO’ for that day.  Your objective is simple…to GO…to GO OUT and share the love of Christ with someone in that day….to GO and bear fruit …to be light to the world.)

Today’s Daily Light

Taking from….The Search For Significance…by Robert McGee
Dealing With Rejection
Fear of Rejection Symptoms.  The next 3 days we will identify 9 symptoms that may indicate that ‘rejection’ has triggered certain problems in our lives:
#1  Anger, Resentment, Hostility
Anger is usually our most common response to rejection.  Some of us are not honest about our anger.  We may deny its existence, suppress it, and assumed that it will go away.  We may vent our anger in destructive explosions of wrath.  Or we may use sarcasm or neglect to express anger in a subtler way.  If we don’t resolve our anger through honesty and forgiveness, we can become deeply hostile and resentful.  One motive for retaining anger is the desire for revenge. 
How many of the people with who you are angry or by whom you have been hurt hold an opinion of you that is less than you would hope they would?  Why do we hold the opinions of others in such high regard that we allow their opinion of us to influence how we feel about ourselves?  Why do we spend so much time thinking about those who do not hold us in high regard?
Because we value the opinions of others so much, when they do not think of us as they should, it hurts.  And because it hurts, we get angry, become resentful, and may even become bitter.
#2  Being Easily Manipulated
Those who believe that their self-worth is based on the approval of others are likely to do virtually anything to please people.  They truly believe that they will be well liked if they agree to every request of those who are, consciously or not, manipulating them.  Many of these people despise those who are being manipulative and resent what they feel they have to do to earn their approval.
#3  Codependency
In families affected by dependency on alcohol, drugs, work, or any other compulsion, family members often develop behavioral patterns to rescue the dependent person from consequences of his or her behavior.  This compulsive rescuing, called codependence, allows the dependent person to continue acting destructively and keeps him or her in need of being habitually rescued so that the pattern continues.  
(#’s 4-6 con’t tomorrow)
Friends…. whether in what we see in ourselves or in others…what is most important is to ‘recognize’ the reality of such…and then to realize that the ‘source’ of any and all things that cause pain and hurt and anguish originates from satan’s heart and mind.   Satan gained access into the operating system of human flesh at the ‘Fall’ of man.   Satan works through our flesh to always keep us from awareness of God and a relationship with God…and he seeks to keep us blind to our ultimate understanding of our God designed significance.   Thus…we need to recognize the source…and then look at God’s design for us to reboot and recover the original manufacturer’s software…which is the program for love, kindness, peace, joy, and all things good.   I am not suggesting this is an easy process.   But it is a winnable process through the power of God’s Spirit that works inside us.  
Father…I pray as we continue our journey into seeing ourselves as you see us…finding that ultimate self significance….I pray that you will help us realize that we cannot change without Your help.  I pray that we will, more each day, see ourselves as you see us and truly find our ultimate significance in YOU.   Amen 
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