Daily Light – Apr 20, 2018

Your daily goal:  
Philippians 3:14  “press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”   
(Monday-Friday, from my daily study time, I will write a short thought for that day which I pray God will use to motivate you to ‘GO’ for that day.  Your objective is simple…to GO…to GO OUT and share the love of Christ with someone in that day….to GO and bear fruit …to be light to the world.)
Today’s Daily Light
Taking from … The Search For Significance
Continuing with … God’s Answer To Shame and Sin .. REGENERATION
Regeneration is the renewing work of the Holy Spirit that literally makes each believer a new person at the moment trust is placed in Christ as Savior.  
In that wondrous, miraculous moment, we experience more than swapping one set of standards for another.  We experience what Jesus called a new birth (John 3:3-6), a Spirit-wrought renewal of the human spirita transforming resuscitation that takes place so that theSpirit is alive within us (Romans 8:10).
Through the gift of God’s grace, we are spiritually alive, forgiven, and complete in Him.  Paul wrote the Colossian Christians:  “For in Him (Christ) all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form, and in Him you have been made complete, and He is the head over all rule and authority” (Col. 2:9-10).
In the church at Colossae, false teachers taught that ‘completeness’ came through a combination of philosophy, good works, and other religions, and Christ.  Paul’s clear message was that we are made complete through Christ alone.  To attempt to find completeness through any other source, including success, the approval of others, prestige, or appearance, is to be taken captive through philosophy and empty deception (Col. 2:8).  Nothing can add to the death of Christ to pay for our sins and the resurrection of Christ to give us new life.  We are complete because Christ has forgiven us and given us life and the capacity for growth and change.  
According to the theologian Louis Berkhof, “Regeneration consists in the implanting of the principle of the new spiritual life in man, in a radical change of the governing disposition of the soul, which, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, gives birth to a life that moves in a Godward direction.  In principle this change affects the whole man:  the intellect…the will…and the feelings or emotions.”   (con’t next week 😊)
Precious Father, Lord Jesus, and wonderful Holy Spirit …there is nothing more in life that I treasure more than You/Your presence.  That ‘internal’ knowing/awareness that You are ‘in’ me…that You will never leave me…that You are at work inside me …transforming me into more of a person that can better reflect your divine nature… ‘so that’ I can be light to those who are lost in darkness.   Amen

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