Daily Light – August 29, 2017

Today’s Daily Light:

(My home computer had a system crash yesterday…so the reason for no DL yesterday).


The story goes back many years to a small village-town in Mexico…poor peasant farm community that had endured 3 years of sparse rain…they and their few farm animals were weary, tired, and always hungry.  The small stream near the village was dry and they had to carry water by donkey down from the mountain range that was very far away from the village.   There was much sickness in the village from the lack of enough food and water.
One day, a stranger rode into town on a donkey.   The village people did not have many strangers come to their town and they all came out to meet the stranger.   The stranger introduced himself to the people and said ‘hello..my name is Senor (Se·ñor).   Would someone please let me stay with you for this night in your villa and give me something to eat?”  The people were not sure how to respond since they did not have extra food and they did not know the stranger…but one older woman who had a sick husband said “Sir..please stay in our villa with us tonight and we will share the last piece of bread we have with you.”   Senor said ‘thank you”..and he followed the woman to her home.   The next morning the woman came running down the street saying..”come and see what Senor has done for my husband and for our home.”   All of the people went to the woman’s home and saw that the husband was up and walking around and that the house was full of fresh food and the water cans were full of water.
One of the people that lived in the village was a small boy name Pepe who lived with his widowed mother.   Pepe was shy and stood in the background but carefully watched as one by one all of the people invited Senor to come and stay in their homes in the Village.   Pepe saw that wherever Senor visited the people became healed and the house was full of food and water.   Senor visited all of the homes in village while he was with the people.
The village people were happy that Senor had come to their village because they were no longer hungry or thirsty and their health had returned.   But one day, the word spread that Senor was preparing to leave the village.   The village people came to the house where Senor was staying and pleaded with him to stay and continue to give them food and water.  But Senor explained that he must leave because there were many other villages that he must visit.   Many of the people were angry that he would not stay and continue to give them food and water.
At sunrise, on the day Senor was to leave the Village, he said goodbye to the few people that had come to say goodbye and thank him for all that he had done for them.   And then Senor walked through the Village gate and started down the dusty roadway on his donkey.  All of a sudden Senor heard the voice of a small boy calling to him “Senor..Senor stop!”  Senor stopped and saw that it was Pepe running after him down the dusty roadway.  Senor said “Pepe..what do you want?”   And Pepe said “Senor..please do not go..please stay…please do not go.”    And Senor said “Pepe…I have given you and all of the people all that I have to give…you are well…and you have food and water.  What else is there for me to give you?  I have given you everything that I have…everything that I can give.”   And Pepe said “Senor..I do not want you to give me something…I want YOU!   All I want is you Senor…All I want is you.”
This is a story I heard many years ago as shared by a Catholic priest.  The point of the story is to make us see that what Jesus wants from us is ‘not’ for us to see what He can give us…not to just see what He can do for us…but to see that He is our constant supply…that ‘He’, Himself, is our supply…not simply what He can do for us.
Father…You are more than what you have done for us and what you do and will always do for us.  You are our life.  You are our heart’s desire.  You are source and supply to fill the very core of our being and existence.   It is you..It is you that we must seek and long for and desire…our dear precious Jesus….our wonderful Father….thank you, that you offer us fellowship with YOU! Help us to come to the point where our heart’s desire is “All we want is You!   Amen

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