Daily Light – August 18, 2017

Today’s Daily Light:
This Week we will ‘Graze’ in the Word to remind ourselves of who He is..and who we are and what we have ‘IN’ Him 
The verse for today is Jesus talking to Nicodemus…. GOD talking here….this verse is like a 20 oz filet mignon with a loaded twice baked potato on the side. 😊 .   Read it…graze in it…absorb the truth in it….
John 3:19-21  Jesus said “This is the verdict (the bottom line): Light has come into the world (Jesus), but men loved darkness instead of lightbecause their deeds were evil.  Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.   But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, ‘so that’ it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.”
Think of all the people around us everyday…in the work place…social situations…at the grocery store….your neighbors…family.   I’m talking about the ‘good’ folks all around us…Christians and non.  Think about how all of us seem to be, to some degree, trapped on the hamster wheel of the game of life…working, consuming, seeking our fulfillment and happiness in this temporary worldly realm… our love for God/Jesus is a faint second to our investment in this temporary wheel.   I know this because I have spent a lot of my life on that wheel…almost feeling ‘trapped’ at times…  Yes..I am a believer…but the more time I spend in the word/light…the more it shines on my wheel.  I have tried to disguise my wheel so it doesn’t look like a wheel..hang plaques with bible verses on it 😊…. I view myself as a guy who really does seek to please and honor the Lord with my life.. while I run on my wheel…oh..how I love my wheel…I keep it shiny and greased and invest a lot of time and energy in ‘my’ wheel.   But the word/light tells me that my wheel relates to mostly my own selfish desires..not evil desires…just the ‘caught-up’ in the cares-of this life in things that are not eternally oriented.   Sooo…what to do…and the answer is to ‘press on’…spend more time in the light…God’s word…time with Jesus…because I realize there is a war to be won….and I am not speaking about our eternal salvation…no….Jesus accomplished ‘that’ for us on the cross…in what He did that we could not do for ourselves…He alone is our salvation…no…I speak of the daily war of our demonstration to obedience to Christ…the demonstration of our love for Jesus in all we say and do…our internal ‘taking up of our cross’…daily….where the demands of the Cross come in contact with the demands of our sin nature….where we must continue to learn ‘through’ faith and believing that God’s way and will are better than what our fallen mind tells us is the path to happiness…Sooo…I know I must continue, to demonstrate to Jesus my love for Him..to fight that fight…to seek to increase my production of fruit.    And it is a fight….and we must keep on keepin on and through our faith in Jesus…what He says and can do in and through us….we seek to hear Him say ‘well done good and faithful servant’…wow…I really want to hear Him say that……but key is to see the light and truth and seek to walk in it as much as we can ‘so that’ we can be light to the world around us.   It ain’t easy…seeking to walk in the light of truth..we are at war with the dark side….But we have the winner on our side…Jesus..and He promises to keep us and bring us home.   We can do all things ‘through’ Him…it is not about that He can’t take care of His end of the deal…He is MORE than able…the issue is with our heart’s desires…because we just don’t let enough light into our daily reality..We have to ‘stay’ in the light in order to see the darkness…that’s what light does..it penetrates darkness…illuminates...soo…Go for the light…  
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