The Entrance of Light, Chapter 3, Part 8

The ‘Old Covenants’

Often, people will ask me about my theological position or ‘system’.  Personally, I hold to a view that I refer to as a ‘covenant view’.  I choose the term ‘covenant’ primarily because the majority of Christians understand that the bible contains the Old Testament (Covenants) and the New Testament (Covenant).

I have always thought that a more accurate branding for these titles should be:  The Record of the Pre-Christ Covenants and the Record of the Christ Covenant.  And if you look at the ‘bible’ at face value as to what it is…it is foremost and clearly a story of the covenants that God made with man.  Thus it is theologically accurate to say “God is a covenant God.”

Throughout the bible we see God creating covenants with various individuals or people groups.  From before the world was created, God had a clear agenda, a program.  God created this world and placed ‘people’ on the earth solely for the purpose of filling the earth with His glory by manifesting His glory in and through ‘people’.  In the ‘Fall of Man’, mankind traded the glory of God for shackles and chains…glory was traded for bondage.  The ‘Fall’ was not a surprise to God, like, forcing Him to come up with plan B.  No.  From the beginning of time, God, being completely omniscient, had a plan, a program, and His program included a plan for ‘restoration’…restoration from chaos to perfect order.  God in His sovereignty wanted to ‘own’ and control the components of the plan ‘so that’ He alone would be honored, praised, glorified, and loved for what He did and has done.   And what would become apparent as His plan unfolded, was that His plan was perfectly orchestrated to divine precision exactly within His prescribed timeframe.   God’s plan from beginning to end demonstrates three things:  His sovereignty, His power, His Love.

The Old Testament is the record of the 3 major covenants that God created with mankind ‘prior’ to God creating the 4th and final covenant with man.  These are known to us as:  The Abrahamic Covenant, The Mosaic Covenant, and the Davidic Covenant.  The 4th covenant is referred to in the bible as the New Covenant and although it is presented/foretold to us in the writings of the Old Covenant/Testament, it is fulfilled and explained to us in the New Covenant/Testament.

Each of the ‘old’ covenants had purpose and intention:

The Abrahamic Covenant provided irrevocable promises with ‘future’ fulfillment.  The promises God made were not conditional promises based on the performance of men.  It was an “I WILL” covenant.

The Mosaic Covenant was a ‘conditional’ covenant related to the performance of mankind and it was not an ‘I WILL’ covenant. The time period of this covenant was used to introduce God’s law (10 commandments) and the concept of God living with people through the installation of a priest hood and a temporary ‘appeasement’ system of ‘atonement’. The Mosaic Covenant was the covenant that provided us the pictures and typology of the future and final 4th covenant.

The 3rd ‘old’ covenant was the Davidic Covenant and was an ‘I WILL’ covenant with irrevocable-forever and everlasting promises that stated that the promises God made in the Abrahamic Covenant would be fulfilled in a future Davidic King who would be the King of All Kings of the final, fourth covenant….the New Covenant.  And what is most interesting to me is that the people who inherit the promises of the New Covenant also receive all of the promises of the Abrahamic Covenant.

The New Covenant is an ‘I WILL’, irrevocable-forever-everlasting covenant and it fulfilled the conditions that were made in the Mosaic Covenant but were never prior fulfilled by man.  Thus the New Covenant cancelled out, or satisfied God’s conditions of the Mosaic Covenant.

So today, we live under the terms and conditions of the New Covenant but inherit all of the promises of the Abrahamic Covenant ‘because of’ what we inherited in the Davidic Covenant. (You can benefit from studying the bible from a ‘covenant’ view and I promise it will help you to fully ‘calibrate your compass’ and maximize your navigation through life.  You can’t fully appreciate and use what you have inherited if you don’t know what it is you inherited.  Thus the question is:  Have you received and accepted the terms of the New Covenant?)

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