The Entrance of Light Chapter 3, Part 5

The Mind – Natural Principles – Spiritual Principles

As already established, all humans have a ‘spirit’ that is located in their body and this ‘spirit’ was designed by the Creator to have specific function and operation, the same as does all other operating systems in the human body, all having their unique and different function and role, all designed to cooperate in the operation of the overall ‘being’.  We established in an earlier post that the primary, or most obvious realized function of our spirit is to provide ‘awareness’.. ‘consciousness of being’ AND awareness of and relationship with God.  It is within our ‘self awareness’ wherein we know that we exist, that we ‘are’…that we are a ‘being’…have awareness of  ‘self’.  The ‘mind’ is the operation center of our ‘being’.  The ‘mind’ holds our capacity and function for thinking and reasoning. 

In the world around us, there are two realms that govern all ‘reality’ and activity.  These two realms are the ‘natural realm’ and the ‘spiritual realm’.  The ‘natural’ realm is the realm wherein our ‘biological self lives and breathes.  It is the realm of what is seen and manifest to the five senses.  It is the physical/material world around us.  The ‘spiritual realm’ exists in and around, surrounds, engulfs, the natural realm.  The spiritual realm is the non physical, non material realm.  It cannot be seen, although it can be perceived and experienced at varying degrees and levels.   The natural realm is temporary where as the spiritual realm is eternal.  The Creator designed our mind function to be in co-operation and harmony with our spirit function.  Better said, God designed our mind to be constantly/continually influenced by our spirit, our function of spirit.

Within our mind is an inner compartment, per say, that is the place of what we call our ‘will.’  The ‘will’ has the primary function of processing all of the information that is contained in the mind and then presenting to the mind the function of ‘choice’ as relates to the decisions the mind will make that direct our ‘self’ activities.  The information that resides in the mind comes from three basic sources.  First is the basic biological-level information that is contained in the genetic code that relates to our basic drives, needs, behaviors, i.e., eating, sleeping, communicating, etc., this level of information is pre-wired into our physical and mental framework as designed by our Creator.  The first source functions in the natural realm and plane wherein we continually input information through our senses, we see, hear, touch, we ‘experience’…thus we constantly process new information.  The second and third sources of information that regularly present themselves to our mind originate in the spiritual realm.   Within the spiritual realm there are two competing forces, good and evil.  (In theology and various streams of philosophy there are varying ideas about the concept referred to as dualism which is the whole area of good v.s. evil…..the great ‘duel’ between the two competing sources in the mind, or heart, of man.  Most religions hold some concept of dualism, although you can find many differences in these ideas and concepts.  For my context, I will stick with the most accepted theistic-Christian concept wherein there is the ongoing struggle, the war in the heart of man, between good and evil.) 

The mind is influenced by the will and the will is influenced by evil and good and the primary purpose of the mind is to provide direction and activity to our overall ‘being’…to ‘drive’ the activities of our ‘self’.  Thus the mind is constantly processing existing or ‘old’ information and it is constantly receiving ‘new’ information that is input to our mind from all three sources.  Thus the mind is constantly ‘thinking’ in order to process information to form ideas and views and it is these ideas and views that establish our direction and activity as they present themselves to our ‘will’. 

In the prior post series, “The Dominion of Darkness” and “The Default Program”, we defined the realm of evil and the sin nature and we explained their purpose and objective to keep us from seeing the light of God’s truth and existence.

We now will introduce God’s plan for installing His light and life into the void and darkness of man’s spirit.  And we will explain how such light not  only ‘saves’ us from the darkness but provides us the source to live life to the ‘full.’


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