The Entrance of Light Chapter 3, Part 3


The Nature and Purpose of ‘Compass’

All of us know that a ‘compass’ is a navigational device.  For a compass to function and perform as intended within its purpose and design it must be calibrated in relationship to what is referred to as ‘magnetic north’. North is referred to as the cardinal point on a compass.  Magnetic north is not the same as ‘true’ north, although it is very close.  Magnetic north constantly moves to some small degree and the result of this movement is represented by the term ‘declination’. Declination is the angle that equates to the difference between magnetic north and true north.  This angle of difference varies in relationship to our present location on the earth.  In order to navigate accurately when using a compass, it is important to have an accurate and current map.  With training, you can rather quickly learn to establish an accurate ‘bearing’ toward your ultimate destination.  But it is essential that you have your compass calibrated correctly, you understand the principle of declination, and you have an accurate and current map.

In order to navigate accurately on the ocean of life, we have all been provided a ‘compass’.  The compass is actually an internally located device inside of the human body and has purpose and function the same as any other ‘system’ within the human body, i.e., neuro, cardio, digestive, etc.  Our internal compass is a feature located in our mind that is designed to be calibrated by the work, or influence, of our ‘spirit’.  It is the ‘spirit’ compartment inside us that gives us connectivity to the spirit realm.  All humans have a ‘spirit’.  (We defined the function of the human spirit in the post ‘The Default Program, Chapter 2, Part 2).  

The distinction of having a spirit is unique to human beings.  Not all ‘life-forms’ have a spirit.  It is the spirit dimension of the human being which distinguishes him from all other forms of life.  Humans (man) was created/designed to have an internal spirit capacity.  Plants and animals do not have a spirit.  The universe and all life forms do not share in a universal connection to a spirit realm, although the spirit realm and dimension surrounds the all of existence.  Only ‘man’ has an internal spirit.

God designed the human compass to be calibrated to
divine true north.  Like any compass, the human compass cannot provide accurate navigation or strike an accurate ‘bearing’ without being calibrated accurately.  God also provided a map that is accurate and always remains current.  In the next post, we will talk about God’s design to integrate his ‘light’ into the calibration process of our compass.


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