Defining the Darkness-Chapter 1, Part 4

The Dominion of Darkness

As stated in the prior post, “because of the fall, the world now is abnormal. Things are not in the state that they should be in. Man, as a result of the fall, has been separated from God. Nature is not always kind to man and the animal world can also be his enemy. There is conflict between man and his fellowman. None of these conditions were true before the fall. Any solution that might be given to the problems mankind faces must take into consideration that the world as it stands is not normal.”

The ‘fall’ resulted in ‘evil’ coming onto and into planet earth.   The essential nature of evil has a primary and singularly focused objective.   Evil’s nature is contrary to and alien to God’s intended purpose and design for ‘life’ on planet earth.   God created planet earth to be a perfect habitat/environment for ‘man’ to live in knowledge of God and in a relationship with God.  Evil’s primary objective is to thwart the plans of God, to disrupt, confuse, frustrate, and destroy the concept, intention, and design of the God/man relationship.   Evil’s purpose is to keep us from coming into the knowledge of God and a relationship with God.

Evil has many manifestations of its nature.   At the ‘fall’, evil gained entrance into the operating system of the human body/mind.   Think of it as an alien power that installs itself as a virus into the operating software of a computer program.  Think of it as an alien virus with the purpose to ‘corrupt’ the original design and purpose of the designer.  Think of it as an alien virus that is designed to install a default system that installs a blindfold over the original operational software ‘so that’ the user is only aware of the ideas that are presented within the design of the alien default system.    Think of it as a default system that is designed to keep people in darkness ‘so that’ they cannot see the ‘true’ light.   Such is the dominion of darkness.

2 thoughts on “Defining the Darkness-Chapter 1, Part 4


    Donnie, If God created man for the reasons you state in Chapter 1, Part 4, then why would he allow the Evil one to interfere with his plan? I know that the Evil one wants,as you say, to thwart Gods plans, but if God is all knowing and He is superior in all ways to Evil, why would He have allowed Satan to trap Adam and Eve? If God allowed it, then He set them up for failure and in so doing brought suffering to all who followed Adam and Eve?




      Confronting the Problem(s) of Evil | Desiring God The question is always the same. After the initial shock and horror subsides, after the news crews go home, we’re always left with the same question: Where was God …

      Bob: Thank you for this question. There is no one more qualified to answer this question than is John Piper. I have copied the link to a series of articles that he provided that deal with the problem of ‘evil’. Blessings to you. Don



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